• Engineering support during the design phase, calculating bills of materials and providing project schedule plans. 

  • Subcontractor bids management and quotations analysis. 

  • Supporting subcontractor negotiating activities and contracts drafting. 

  • Subcontractor management and coordination on-site.

  • Construction supervision and control of materials quality.

  • Informing subcontractors of design changes/additions and compliance monitoring.

  • Periodical project progress and budget management reports to client. 

  • Preparation of tenant file that includes warranty card, operation and system maintenance instructions, AS MADE drawings, etc’. 

  • Preparing project completion protocols and monitoring subcontractor open action items completion. 


Our Services

For the Architects - We provide high engineering support from the design, proven capabilities in solving complex problems in the construction phase, Professional management and coordination of subcontractors during the construction phase.

For the clients - We offer highest level of service, transparent budget management and ensuring the quality of work. 


Over the years the company has gained a great reputation and esteem among the architects and consultants.

Our added value